Mar 23

Clear as Glass

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 | posted by: Chip

Just this week I was asked about the future use of glass in construction of office buildings, hospitals, public schools and universities, and in the home.  The very nature of the question indicated to me that the questioner had some doubts.

My response is that glass will continue to be used in construction in the traditional ways we have come accustomed to and will likely be used more than it has in past.  Glass coatings and new technologies have made it easier to control climate indoors while expanding our views of the world.  Glass can now help keep heat indoors in cold climates and keep heat out and cool air indoors in warm climates.  It can help protect us from hurricanes, fire and against bomb blasts. It has always kept rain and bugs out of our interior spaces but today it provides privacy through visual  and sound control.

Glass has moved inside the home and office.  Decorative glass and mirrors have never been more popular.  Shower door glass is the central focus of many bathrooms.  Glass is used in kitchens in our cabinets, our sinks, counter tops, and in tiles.  Back painted glass in any color can be used as a wall covering in the place of paint or wallpaper. It can replace the use of granite and marble inside shower stalls. It is used as stair treads and as table tops.  Etched glass is used to beautify and clear glass is used to expand our views.

On the day to day level our smartphones, computers, and automobiles use glass as a major component of their makeup.  It is clear as glass to me that glass is here to stay.

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