Feb 26

Glass & Energy Efficiency

Friday, February 26th, 2010 | posted by: Chip

Understanding the solar performance and light transmittance of glass is important in any effort to improve energy efficiency of residential windows.   You may live in a Northern region where heating dominates your energy costs or in a Southern region where air conditioning costs dominate your energy cost.   A key to year round comfort and energy efficiency is the selection of glass that gives you the most appropriate solar performance.

There is a wide array of low-emissivity glass, Low E, with different levels of performance that can hold passive solar heat in colder climates and retard solar heat gain in warmer climates.   It can be complicated when reviewing all the technical informational about energy performance and glass.   Here is a good general rule of thumb to follow: in cooler climates where heating indoor air dominates you need a window with a high Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.   In warmer climate where cooling indoor air dominates you need a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.   This information is easily available and is the best place to start in selecting the glass best suited for your area.

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