Dec 11

Greenbuild 2009 Part 2

Friday, December 11th, 2009 | posted by: Chip

In my last post I mentioned that I heard some interesting things about consumer values and marketing “Green”.   I was glad to hear that home builders are working hard to incorporate green and sustainable products in the homes they are building.   Most significantly was the discussion about energy efficiency versus energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction.   Marketing studies and consumer surveys point out that while most of us wish to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint, most of us still want all of our electronics and home comfort conveniences.   Our desire for the comforts we want often compete with our stated goal of reducing energy use.   For certain there will be some who are driven to reduce, reduce , reduce.   The majority of us, according to what I heard, are focused on not wasting the energy we use by favoring the energy efficient home appliances and sustainable building materials.   Our goal seems to be the desire to focus on energy efficiency more than a net reduction in energy use.

This seems about right to me.   Most of us do not have the income or ability to create our own energy grid.   We will use the local energy companies and be mindful of our consumption patterns and purchase the most efficient products that we can afford.   It is a difficult task to create a net reduction in our energy use.   As our families grow we end up with more automobiles, televisions, computers, and a host of other electronic appliances.   What we can do is to continue to purchase energy efficient products and look at the basic ways we can control energy consumption with our biggest energy consuming appliances such as hot water heaters, air conditioning and heating systems, kitchen appliances, and do simple things like turning off light switches, provide weatherstripping around windows and doors, replace non efficient glass with energy efficient glass in existing windows, add more insulation to our attics and walls, and consider the use of solar panels for our hot water heaters.   Most major utility companies have programs to conduct energy audits at no or lost cost to homeowners. There are a lot of things we can do to be responsible energy consumers and most of them are easy to do and are very affordable.   It is not hard to begin becoming “Green”.

In closing, and on a personal note, the most important thing we can do is to demand our elected officials at the state and federal level   get serious about adopting energy standards and get about the business of putting together a strong and aggressive national energy policy that recognizes the need for new and alternative forms of energy and works to significantly reduce the use of coal powered power plants.

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