Apr 25

Here is My User Manual

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 | posted by: Matt Hill

An interview with Ivar Kroghurd, lead strategist at QuestBack, a firm specializing in feedback management, was recently published in the New York Times. He defines part of his role at QuestBack to be “chief ironing officer”. Smooth out the wrinkles, which are the things people get hung up on, and he believes you can get extraordinary results.

He applies this same thinking to his leadership style in developing what he calls, “a one page user manual” so that people can understand how to work with him. He feels that using the same personal approach to everyone you work with is not always best.  He is amazed at just how different people are.  “If you use the same exact approach with two different people, you can get very different outcomes.” In providing this “how to work with me” page to employees he allows them to understand how he interacts with people and feels it encourages people to share with him so that their relationship can be open and thereby their work together can be more productive.

I think it sounds reasonable and apparently it has worked for him. How do we find out what a customer’s “user manual” says? If business and customers are both looking for successful outcomes with each other, what could be more valuable?

I would love to hear from anyone that read this article. What do you think?

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