Jul 22

In the Meantime…

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 | posted by: Chip

Many of us have been harmed by the economic recession.   We all know friends, family members, and business colleagues that have felt it personally.   Add the difficulties of everyday life, along with the oil spill which for us is a regional wide concern, and it is easy to feel discouraged.   “Feeling discouraged” describes how we feel now.   It doesn’t mean that we have to feel that way tomorrow.

Life throws us curves and circumstances are not always favorable but we have a choice in how we respond.   There is no dishonor or personal failing when things that we can not control temporarily overpower us.   Our task is to accept that there are good and difficult things that life brings us.   It is easy to accept the good things. How we respond to the difficult things is the test.   No one has a crystal ball, as my wife reminds me, and so you do the best you can on a day to day basis.   Doing so is how we hold on to our honor and strengthens our resolve to not allow the temporary to overpower us forever.

Our world may not be as predictable   as we would like it to be these days but it will continue to spin and the economic recovery will come and the oil will be cleaned up.   It won’t be perfect and it may take a long time but eventually it will pass.

In the meantime you may need a glass problem solved.   We will be here to help.

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