May 20

No More Water Spots

Thursday, May 20th, 2010 | posted by: Chip

The trend in bath enclosures and shower doors is the use of large expanses of clear glass with a minimal amount of framing.   The design possibilities are almost endless and the large glass area enliven and brighten any bathroom.     With the increased use of large glass one problem has has become painfully to the surface…water spots.   Over time your shiny clear glass will start to spot as part of the natural affect water has on glass.   Mineral deposits from water, and even some cleaning solutions will cause your glass to spot.

There is a solution and it is a product called ShowerGuard. ShowerGuard is a factory applied product that is placed on your glass at the time it is manufactured. It essentially protects your glass from water spots.   It comes with a limited 1o year warranty.With just a minimal amount of cleaning, ShowerGuard glass will stay beautiful for years to come.   Be sure to ask about it. It costs a little extra but is well worth it!   Click here to see more.

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