Jan 4

Optimisim and Reality

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 | posted by: Chip

The new year begins with optimism and an eye focused on the reality of a subdued economy.  It seems that economic news that points toward recovery is followed by news that points in the other direction.  This condition of “is it ” or isn’t it” is an uneasy feeling and it feels heavy and wears hard.  Hesitation and self doubt easily become ingrained in our thinking in times like these.

It is time to move on and move forward.  Life, both personal and business, cannot long be lived looking backwards and I do not intend to stop living.  The aspirations and ideas that gave us better and happier times are still with us.  They have been put on the shelf for long enough.  This is my prescription for the new year:

  1. Face and accept your reality as it is.  Change the things you that you can.   Health is not always easy but you probably can do better.  Listen to your doctors.  Take care of yourself.
  2. Quit doubting yourself.  You are just as important and smart as you were before the economy went south.  Yes, it has been really hard on some of us but we have still have our smarts and our accomplishments with us.
  3. Make a plan.  Any plan is better than no plan and it is better to be proactive than to sit idle while something happens to you.  Define who you are and what you stand for and don’t let others do it for you.  Stand up for yourself.
  4. Think positive and look for solutions.  Reality can often be tough but it does point out what we need to improve. Open your eyes and you will probably find the answer.
  5. Enjoy yourself, your family and friends.  They still love you and like you.  Root for each other to succeed.  You are important to them.

Happy New Year to All of You!!

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