Nov 8

Protection of Aluminum Surfaces

Monday, November 8th, 2010 | posted by: Chip

A recent call concerning deterioration of the aluminum on beach-side sliding glass doors is a reminder of the forces of nature or, perhaps man made forces, on aluminum.   This call was not the first from this particular condominium and it involved doors on different floors and doors that were installed in different years.

A visual inspection confirmed it quickly.   A chemical reaction, either natural or caused by a man made agent, has deteriorated portions of the aluminum bottom   track to the point that the tracks have holes in them.   You can see the concrete slab under the tracks.   It looks a little like swiss cheese.

There will be field reports written and chemical tests performed in looking for what is causing the problem and more importantly how to fix it.   For all our friends who live on or near coastal areas, protect yourself by performing routine maintenance procedures on   aluminum sliding glass doors and aluminum windows.   Visit this website from Lintec to see what to do.   A little cleaning now and then can save you from big problems later on.

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