Nov 11

Social Media and Human Interaction

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | posted by: Chip

I saw an impressive video today on social media and its potential for the business world at a blog by Marketing Pilgrim.     Watch it here. It advances the idea that consumers will not need to search for your business but that your business will find it’s way to consumers through social media.   If that is true then my business certainly needs to get to work.

I have doubts, common among us “old schoolers”, that this is not true for all businesses.   When you have a glass related problem or concern, which doesn’t happen very often in a person’s lifetime (hopefully), you will need to feel confident in the company you are looking to solve your problem.   Social media is most likely to help if one is inclined to trust the peer ratings given to a particular company by those that have used the service of that company.   It is sort of like an electronic or digital word of mouth.

Social media helps raise awareness of a company or a brand and can assist in peer reviews but it can’t replace the experience of interacting with employees of the company or help one discern fact from fiction.   The human interaction is still the most important part of any relationship and I believe that is what determines who you do business with.

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