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Bathing Beauty

Thursday, July 19th, 2007 | posted by: Chip

Do you remember as a child having to share one bathroom with your entire family? I do! The bathroom then was utilitarian and a place for efficiency designed to get you in and out so that others could follow behind you. Today’s bathrooms are far different from those of yesterday. Almost all homes today have two or three bathrooms and some have even more. The bathroom has also become a place where style and relaxing solitude are celebrated.

Glass in the form of mirrors and shower doors have become a central feature of today’s bathrooms. Glass products benefiting busy families as well as those looking for a “spa” like environment are available today. Mirrors enhance by adding light to space and enlarging the feel of the room. Shower doors provide both a practical and decorative solution to any bathroom.

Shower doors are either “framed” or “frameless”. A framed shower door has aluminum framing around the glass and a visible frame that the door hangs from. A frameless shower door has no frame around the glass and minimal visible framing that the doors hangs from. Either type can be built to fit any size or shape that you may have. There is a wide selection of aluminum finishes and glass types for you to choose from. Shower door finishes are available to match your other bathroom fixtures.

Visit the Merritt Glass Company showroom to view our shower door displays and our extensive glass and metal finish samples. We will meet with you or your contractor to help you with your selection and answer any questions. Our job is not finished until you are satisfied with your product selection and until we have satisfied you with the installation of your shower door! Our showroom is conveniently located at 4139 North Davis Highway, located between Fairfield Drive and Brent Lane.

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