Nov 6

Window & Glass Perfromance, Part 3

Friday, November 6th, 2009 | posted by: Chip

In part 1 and part 2 of window & glass performance I provided a little education to help you begin the process of making window and glass decisions. My educational tips are not meant to be a final word on the matter.   Remember, every job and application is unique and each has to be undertaken on its own merits.   I also discussed the practical considerations you need to make to determine the value you will receive once you have decided on what you want.   Somewhere, between the cozy advertising from the window companies and the practical concerns from someone like me, lies what is best for you.

There is great science in window and glass design and it really works.   The testing and certification of products is strenuous, honest, and reliable.   How then do you select?   It depends on your budget, the practical considerations of total window replacement, payback, energy savings, and in my view, your expectations.

For some of us a stylish design and beautifully finished window frame is what we want.   For others, better performance from our existing windows by glass replacement alone is what we want. Still, there are others who have no choice but total replacement because the existing window is beyond repair or because the window simply cannot perform as it needs to.   A good example of this type of window is one that leaks water during heavy rains. The window may not be designed to handle the rain condition it is being used for.

Figure out what you want and need. Visit and learn what you can from the manufacturer’s and various government websites on window and glass performance.   Every community has a good local window or glass business you can talk to.   Residential contractors and remodeling contractors are also good resources.   The best resource, however, is you.   Educate yourself!

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