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Windshields in Pensacola are……Free?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 | posted by: Chip

Windshield replacement companies in Pensacola are plentiful. I counted 28 in the phone book the other day. It has to be lucrative to explain why so many companies are in the same line of business. Right? What then explains the gimmicks that some companies use to trick you for your business? We have one company offering a FREE box of steaks and another that offers FREE Wal-Mart Discount Cards to get your business. We even have one that advertises FREE windshields to anyone with a Florida based insurance policy.

Does anyone really believe this stuff? We all know nothing is free. Even if you are not charged for it, you do not get it free. You pay for it somewhere and it is likely to be in aftermarket windshields instead of OEM windshields, the materials used to install it (aftermarket instead of OEM), or by an installer with short experience and little training.

Then again, all the stuff they offer is FREE.

Pensacola windshield customers deserve better. There a still a few local owned companies around that understand your safety comes first and that OEM materials should be used for replacements. Merritt Glass Company, locally owned, is one of these companies.

Instead of gimmicks this is what we offer:

  • OEM Products
  • Certified Training from OEM Manufacturer’s
  • Compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Adherence to Standards of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard Council
  • No Gimmicks…Professional Standards Only

And here is the secret that the gimmick companies do not want you to know: We all charge and are paid the same price for replacements paid by your insurance company. Using the logic of the gimmick companies, you get the OEM products and Safety Standards Compliance from Merritt Glass Company FREE.

Which type of company do you prefer? If it matters to you, tell your insurance company that you choose Merritt Glass Company for your windshield in Pensacola. You can call us 850-434-1668 and we will handle the claim with your insurance company.

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