Sep 16

Window & Glass Performance, Part 1

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | posted by: Chip

There is a lot of information about the energy performance of windows and glass and most of it leads to confusion.   Much of the confusion concerns how it is measured and whose method of measuring performance is correct. There are legitimate organizations who claim that their method of measuring performance is best and there are others who claim the opposite, saying that theirs is the best.   Who do you believe?

For starters, it is not easy.   There are so many factors to consider that it is best, in my view, to understand that no one standard is 100% accurate all of the time.   It is fair to say that the best way to determine window performance is to view it in relationship to the construction of the exterior building shell.   The best window installed in a poorly designed or constructed building shell will perform poorly.   It is a combination of the quality of the exterior shell and the window that determines real performance.   Other factors such as the quality of the window installation itself, the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems, the direction the window is facing, number of windows in a single room, all play a part in determining real window performance.

In future updates we will examine the window and glass selection process and demystify some of the terminology so you will have the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your situation.

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